Oh hello, are you after
a freelance web designer
in Huddersfield?

If so, you’re in the right place. Grab a cup of
coffee and let’s continue.

What do I do?

In short, I design and develop some pretty kick-ass websites and brands. Below are just a few to give you a little taster of what I can do.

View all my work.

Who am I?

Like most designers, I spend a lot of time indoors avoiding human contact at all costs crunched over my keyboard making websites that not only work, but look amazing.

I was raised in Wakefield and currently reside in Huddersfield (— I live right in the middle of the triangle of Greggs we have, ace.)

I’m also a final year BSc. Web Design student at Huddersfield University, as well as running my own web design agency, Athena Media.

Skills & Stuff

I do a few things you could describe as skills;

I’m fluent in HTML and CSS as well as a great working knowledge of PHP and JavaScript. I’m also a dab hand at Photoshop, Illustrator, Xd, Premier Pro and After Effects.

I’m also unbeaten in Battlefield 4 1v1’s against friends.